With a passion for cohousing, Grace Kim received a research fellowship from the University of Washington to study cohousing in Denmark. In 2004 co-founders Grace Kim and Mike Mariano lived in Copenhagen and immersed themselves in the culture of over 20 cohousing communities. Grace and Mike have visited over 50 cohousing communities across North America, and have lead the design team on projects of varying unit densities, and all with an integrated approach to sustainable ecological design.

Grace’s research in Denmark reinforced her belief that the most significant architectural difference between cohousing from other forms of multifamily housing is the social coherence afforded by the Common House and the common spaces that link to private dwellings. This in-depth study and detailed analysis is the subject of a book on the Design of the Cohousing Common House and informed the design of their first cohousing project in Portland, OR for the Daybreak community. They are currently working on two urban cohousing projects in Seattle and Portland.

common house design

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