Portage Bay Park
Seattle, Washington

Schemata Workshop is partnered with Walker Macy to aid in the design of Portage bay park, a 1.65 acre site located along the north shore of Portage Bay in the University District. The project aims to provide recreation opportunities, community gathering space, water access, and shoreline habitat areas through onsite remediation and habitat restoration.

Schemata Workshop was tasked with the removal of existing structures and the creation of a shade pavilion. The pavilion would provide a primary path into the park, as well as a lounging area and restroom facility. Within the pavilion, hammocks, instead of traditional benches, offer an element of organic movement and play. Reclaimed Douglas fir is creatively integrated into the design as an undulating wave form on the underside of the pavilion roof. To experience the waves one must pass through the pavilion, recline in the hammocks, or view it from specific vantage points from within the park.

The idea of a gateway played heavily into the design and program of the park. The shade pavilion acts as a physical gateway into the park, but also encourages play and relaxation, and delights users with curiosity rewarded.