Prefabrication and Modular


prefabricated kitchen/bath modules:
This prototype provides a high-quality, prefabricated service core at the center of a residence or office. The floor plan configuration is flexible for integrating into a proposed structural system and utility infrastructure. The unit is factory assembled and packaged for just-in-time delivery to the site and a simple plug-n-play installation of electrical and plumbing services.

The Middlemod concept is developed by Building and Module Manufacturing LLC (BAMM), a joint effort of Schemata Workshop and fabricator Dogwood Industries.

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open source component building system

Schemata Workshop, in collaboration with a local builder has developed a component based building system. The finished product is a high quality, environmentally conscious home that minimizes construction time and budget. The foundations consist of cast-in-place concrete piers, floor, wall, and structural steel components are assembled off-site in a controlled environment. On-site the building elements are assembled floor by floor, eliminating the need for scaffolding. Decks, sunshades, photovoltaic panels, and water collection systems complete the building system.

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