"june 4 bus tour offers a taste of cohousing lifestyle in portland"
jan behrs  |  the oregonian
28 may 2011 (modified 31 may 2011)

"2010 livable communities awards portland, ore"
michael chotiner  |  aarp.org
december 2010



"above all, clients"
edward keegan |  ARCHITECT magazine
08 july 2010

"capitol hill plans for its first cohousing community"
seattle university |  the spectator
april 2010

"cohousing and sustainability: natural partners"
june 2010

"co-housing trend hits seattle"
jane hodges  |  publicola at seattlemet 
18 march 2010

"in lake city, seattle, homeless veterans and others now have a place to call home"
keith ervin  |  seattle times
02 february 2010

"schemata workshop: seattle success story #3"
erica mills  |  mills communication group
february 2010

"profiles: schemata"
capital projects office  |  university of washington
january 2010 (modified 28 april, 2010)



"schemata wins award from epa"
seattle daily journal of commerce
05 november 2008

"13 innovative green building designs, lifecycle building challenge winners!"
preston |  jetson green
29 october 2008

"epa announces winners of the second annual lifecycle building challenge"
october 2008

"hot houses:  density is portland's future. some smart, young architects get it right."
sarah mirk  |  portland mercury
02 october 2008

"fostering a sense of community"
tyler graf  |  djc oregon
29 august 2008

"daybreak cohousing breaking ground in portland, oregon in spring 2008"
april 2008

"unico plans housing on dexter avenue site"
lynn porter  |  seattle daily journal of commerce
11 april 2008

"grace kim wins award from aia"
seattle daily journal of commerce
20 february 2008

"ten receive young architects award"
aia  |  aiarchitect newsletter 
25 january 2008  |  vol. 15



"architects ask clients: give pre-fab a chance"
shawna gamache  |  seattle daily journal of commerce
03 december 2007

"new LIHI project will give homeless vets place to live"
lynn porter  |  seattle daily journal of commerce
26 november 2007



"schemata workshop issues rfp for pro bono services"
public architecture  |  newsletter
december 2006

"face of the aia: grace h. kim"
aia  |  aiarchitect newsletter
03 november 2006

"should we be bilingual?"
aia  |  archiblog
november 2006

"surviving internships - takes planning and mentors"
james murdock  |   architectural record
july 2006

"what do you look for in hiring a new designer?"
aia  |  aiarchitect
july 2006