Capitol Hill Urban Cohousing (CHUC)
Seattle, Washington

This cohousing community in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle completed construction in summer of 2016. The 4,500 sf urban village infill lot provides nine homes, a "common house" with a community dining room, kitchen, laundry, and guest room, ground-related commercial space for a 16-person architecture practice, and a 1,600sf rooftop urban farm. The building is 5 stories.

Energy and water use is optimized through extensive integrated, passive strategies, including R-34 exterior walls, triple-pane fiberglass windows, a high-efficiency central boiler for domestic water use, and open-air/weather-sheltered circulation. The compact homes have open floor plans that maximize daylight and cross-ventilation. The rooftop garden offers year-round food production that is shared, in part, with a nearby restaurant. 

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