Algona City Hall and Community Center
Sustainability-conscious new space for public engagement in Algona

The Algona City Hall and Community Center is a LEED Silver certified multi-use civic building designed to serve the needs of the City of Algona and its population. Upon cost assessments, it was determined that a reasonably sized new building was not only a cost effective option, but would avoid having to compromise on the program and design.

The Community Center occupies the ground floor and includes a large Multi-purpose Room that opens up directly to the adjacent park with a large, overhead-type door. Around the Multi-purpose Room is a commercial kitchen, computer room, game room, privacy room, meeting room and space for staff. The City Hall, which occupies the second floor, includes the Council Chambers, the Public Works Department, meeting rooms, a kitchen and staff break room, as well as an office for the mayor and his staff. The building was designed as a Risk Category IV Building, which anticipates that it could serve the community in case of emergency or disaster.

This project was complete by geoff anderson as principal-in-charge prior to his tenure at Schemata Workshop

Project Information

City of Algona

Algona, WA

Community Facility


Full Design Services

Geoff Anderson (Architect)