designing for shared living: happiness & wellbeing

grace h. kim | michael birkjaer | itai palti
space10 | copenhagen, denmark
17 may 2018

How do we ensure our lives have purpose and meaning? And how do we design the spaces we inhabit to help us lead healthier and more fulfilling lives? The fourth in our series of events about Shared Living will explore how shared spaces can improve people’s psychological and emotional well-being—and in doing so, encourage them to interact more with others, share more, eat well, stay healthy and live more sustainable lives, for as long as possible. It will also explore how shared living could provide the solution to some of the biggest problems in urban environments—social isolation and loneliness.


panel on transit oriented development: an affordable house week discussion

marijana cvencek | lisa herbold | teresa mosqueda | bill rumpf  |edward butterfield | moderated by bruce yadon
affordable housing week | welcoming west seattle | seattle, wa
16 may 2018

Once the light rail expansion is fully implemented through its third phase, the greater Seattle area will be a region transformed. The West Seattle and Ballard Light-rail Link Extensions will provide fast, reliable light rail connections to dense urban centers throughout the region. The influx of new transit infrastructure and new neighbors presents a rare opportunity to shape the future of Seattle and sets the stage for increased access to jobs, quality schools, and other community resources—while also helping to meet Seattle’s need for new affordable homes.

Panelists will have a robust conversation on the ins and outs of implementing TOD, and what it will mean for further development and housing affordability; diving into the advocacy action necessary to capitalize on TOD, and how neighbors can start efforts now to be well positioned as new stations open over the next two decades.

A recap of the event is available here.


urban cohousing: the essentials for organizing and developing community

grace h. kim | mike mariano | joren bass
2018 living future (un)conference: authenticity + action | international living future institute | portland, or
2 may 2018  

Using two recently completed urban cohousing communities as case studies (being onsite and touring one), the audience will gain an understanding of how the intentional actions of individuals acting in consensus of the group successfully created a resilient community and new home. Comparing and contrasting the two paths through community building, design, financing, and design the attendees will see the hurdles and successes of each project. The session is planned to be interactive with ample time for questions and discussion.


the social science of cohousing [keynote address]

grace h. kim
canadian cohousing conference | vancouver, canada
28 april 2018  

Loneliness has become an international health epidemic, from the UK appointing their first ever Minister of Loneliness, to Japanese elders committing petty crimes to seek out community in prison. And North Americans are not immune. In her keynote address, Grace Kim will illustrate how cohousing can increase life expectancy through social connections and share strategies to elevate the level of communitas in your community -- whether it be yet unbuilt or long-established.


tailoring transitions: retaining top talent and developing women leaders

mira mui | catherine calvert |  cory hitzemann |  charlene kovacs  |  kristian kicinski  |  amanda st. andre
paid leave: a business decision | aia women in design | seattle,wa
27 march 2018  

This is the second of three panel discussions on paid family and medical leave, this evening will focus on how to manage transitions before and after a period of family or medical leave. The evening will start off with a panel discussion of local Architectural and Engineering leaders who will speak to the employer benefits and challenges of providing flexibility around an employee’s unique family or medical needs. A round table discussion will follow, with participants sharing personal experiences and strategies for maintaining a career during life transitions.

Housing Summit Logo.JPG

cohousing: another answer to the american dream

grace h. kim
housing design summit | daniel burns real estate consulting | denver,co
21 march 2018  

The focus of the Housing Design Summit is design, innovation, and market shifts in production home building. As far as we are aware, this is the only conference of its kind in the U.S

graphic illustration.JPG
Resonate Logo.JPG

cultivating diversity through equitable and inclusive design

margaret knight | jennifer montressor  |  karimah edwards |  ubax gardheere  |  francis james  | susan balbas | miguel maestas
resonate | WASLA conference 2018 | seattle,wa
16 march 2018

Resonate. As landscape architects entrusted to design for diversity, how can we ensure that equity and inclusivity resonate through our work? How do we ensure that discrimination isn’t the lasting impact of our work? Our current social and political climate has shed light on previously unrecognized or ignored discriminatory practices that are both pervasive and ingrained in our structural, institutional, and societal systems.
As landscape architects working with and for diverse people and communities we have a professional obligation to be inclusive and treat our clients, colleagues, consultants, allied professionals, and the community at large equitably. Now is the time to acknowledge that we are not immune to perpetuating discriminatory practices through our work. Through a panel discussion, practitioners are invited, encouraged, and challenged to evaluate themselves and their practices to identify and remedy practices in their work that contribute to a culture of inequity and discrimination.