capitol hill housing tenant improvement
Seattle, WA 

Schemata Workshop collaborated with Bartlett Design Company on a tenant improvement for the new Capitol Hill Housing office which is located on the second level of the new 12th Avenue Arts Building.

Capitol Hill Housing is a public corporation which focuses on affordable housing and community development in the Seattle area. The project consists of 7,231 sf of office space, the highlight of which is a large open office space. Included in the open office space are several meeting rooms from large meeting areas to smaller, 2-3 person, huddle spaces. Sticky spaces such as high seating bars, small seating groups, and impromptu work areas help to lend the space a contemporary feel.

Schemata Workshop was hired for the programming phase through construction administration. Challenges during the project were coordination of large mechanical equipment from theater space which impeded tenant improvement space and resolution of code issues between core permit and tenant improvement permit.