CVS Wallingford
Reinforcing character and re-energizing commercial convenience

Schemata Workshop and NORR are working to integrate Wallingford community interests for a new pharmacy located at the intersection of North 45th Street and Meridian Avenue. This adaptive re-use project will preserve an existing terracotta cornice, restore the brick, and re-use the existing building structure.

The design was inspired by the historic 1937 urban form and structural rhythm of the original structure. This adaptive re-use project preserves the existing terracotta cornice and freize with restoration of the brick facade and re-introduction of the clerestory glazing. Schemata Workshop worked closely with partner consultant DCI Engineers to find an architecturally cohesive design that would reinforce the existing building structure in order to bring it up to modern seismic code. The design aims to visually reinforce the character of the existing storefronts, create a pedestrian-friendly street corner, and maintain visual continuity along both streets.

Project Information

Seattle, WA (Wallingford)


Design Services

9,840 sf retail
2,721 sf storage
surface parking (24 spaces)

Schemata Workshop (Architecture)
NORR Associates (Architecture)
DCI Engineers