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cohousing builds active communities
barbara ballinger | realtor magazine
2 july 2019

building social resilience: grace kim on how cohousing can improve your life
katherine flynn | aia architect magazine
1 july 2019

building relationships
grace h. kim | angelos
spring 2019

in capitol hill, the aids memorial pathway will celebrate life and resilience
hallie golden | curbed seattle
13 march 2019

more about amp: aids memorial pathway
sandi doughton | seattle times
7 march 2019

alongside new light rail stations, seattle plans affordable housing
hallie golden | citylab
29 january 2019


seattle won its battle for density. what’s next?
josh cohen | crosscut
30 november 2018

historic seattle honors parsonage apartments
journal staff | seattle daily journal of commerce
17 september 2018

the 9 families of capitol hill urban cohousing share a modern building built on a solid concept
sandy deneau dunham | seattle times pacific nw magazine
7 september 2018

the new american neighborhood
paula spencer scott | parade magazine
12 august 2018

a high-performance building for cohousing: from vision to move-in
michael mariano | foundation for intentional community
13 july 2018

where to put affordable housing? on top of a light rail station
josh cohen | crosscut
20 june 2018

apartments on capitol hill light rail property will finally break ground june 19
sarah anne lloyd | curbed seattle
13 june 2018

lonely? maybe cohousing is one of the cures
naoibh o’connor | vancouver courier
27 april 2018

cohousing: a community of individuals
betty shea | the la source
24 april 2018

how to prepare for speaking engagements
jeff link | aia architect magazine
1 february 2018


making a case for urban cohousing
grace h. kim | communities magazine
winter 2017

community building in the city
sheila hoffman & spencer beard | communities magazine
winter 2017

kd did it: alumnae grace kim
fall 2017

the power of community engagement in urban design
aia diversity round table | seattle channel
11 september 2017

how cohousing can make us happier and live longer
rob crews | find a spark
22 august 2017

cohousing: the british families embracing communal living
olivia gordon | the guardian
17 august 2017

seattle neighbors: grace
seattle neighbors

cohousing can make us happier (and live longer)
27 july 2017

why a city block can be one of the loneliest places on earth
eve andrews | grist
27 june 2017

hong kong looking to great britain and the usa for successful ways of living
xie xinhu | hong kong 01 : creative arts
3 may 2017

cnu25 workshop: community-oriented housing
laura loe | the urbanist
3 may 2017

yes, dorms for adults are the solution for isolated singles
notable life
27 april 2017

are dorms for adults the solution to the loneliness epidemic?
adele peters | fast company
27 april 2017

architect grace kim: cohousing can end the loneliness epidemic
monica hunter-hart | inverse
26 april 2017

celebrating light rail, year 1
uw graduate school news
march 2017

alumni profile: grace kim
uw graduate school news
march 2017

these families defied the odds by staying in seattle
joshua mcnichols | kuow
31 january 2017


"cohousing and other home share solutions"
elisa murray | parent map
20 december 2016

"living to connect"
shelley levitt | live happy
december 2016

"growing pains, growing gains"
gene duvernoy | ampersand
27 october 2016

"how pocket neighborhoods inspire"
meg white | realtor magazine
june 2016

"at lark, you’ll soon be eating 12th ave-grown ‘lettuce and tender herbs’"
jseattle | capitol hill seattle blog
6 may 2016

"capitol hill cohousing residents show off new digs"
brandon macz | capitol hill times
3 may 2016

"a farm on the hill for lark"
john sundtrum | news from lark
may 2016

"capitol hill's cohousing pioneers are ready to move in on 12th ave"
bryan cohen | capitol hill seattle blog
29 april 2016

"developers use innovative strategies to deliver affordable housing"
sanjay bhatt | the seattle times
12 march 2016


"renton awarded fourth smart communities award"
press release | renton reporter
8 july 2015

"you take care of mom, but who will take care of you?"
grace h kim | agewise king county
april 2015

"you take care of mom, but who will take care of you?"
grace h kim | american institute of architects blueprints for senior living
19 march 2015

"rescued from ruin: an issaquah home gets new life"
seattle magazine staff | seattle magazine
march 2015

"goal of capitol hill ecodistrict is to make neighborhood green"
michael mariano | seattle daily journal of commerce
26 february 2015

"sunrise at sunset"
hud staff |, us department of housing and urban development
january 2015


"regional news and congratulations on grand opening"
staff announcement | nation association of housing and redevelopment officials
december 2014

"these 18 low income housing units in Renton are modular construction"
journal staff | seattle daily journal of commerce
23 december 2014

"grace kim honored for mentoring"
journal staff | seattle daily journal of commerce
29 october 2014

"first-of-it's-kind capitol hill urban cohousing breaks ground on 12th ave"
jseattle |
8 october 2014

"mcm lakehouse by schemata worskhop"
mat watts |
september 2014

"mentoring and wisdom: women of color empowered"
laura ohata | northwest asian weekly
26 september 2014

"seattle's new waterfront: what it might look like and why"
lynn thompson | the seattle times
12 september 2014

"i lovett"
michelle gringeri-brown | atomic ranch
fall 2014 

"better than nothing is not good enough"
jef nickerson | greater city providence
12 august 2014

"uptown cvs plans morph into 3-story mixed-use project"
sean keely | curbed seattle
23 july 2014

"proposal for an uptown drug store grows into 3-story mixed-use project"
nat levy |  seattle daily journal of commerce
23 july 2014

"complete modern renovation of midcentury home in washington"
mitchell alan parker |  dwell
july/august 2014 

"real estate buzz: first look at finalists for #caphillstation tod"
nat levy  |  seattle daily journal of commerce
05 june 2014

"link downton and waterfront with a cool springboard"
clair enlow  |  seattle daily journal of commerce
09 april 2014

"e denny way twin for 92-year-old roxborough, capitol hill cohousing project on design review slate"
justin carder (jseattle)  |  chs capitol hill seattle blog
19 march 2014

"corner shows new waterfront designs"
nat levy  |  seattle daily journal of commerce  
07 march 2014

"waterfront wish: architect has big plans for post-viaduct era"
lynn thompson  |  seattle times
04 march 2014 (modified 05 march 2014)


"team selected for conceptual design of melrose promenade on capitol hill"
lynn porter |  seattle daily journal of commerce
05 december 2012

"what other cities can learn from seattle’s troubled ‘deep green’ building program"
greg hanscom  |  grist  
24 august 2012

"cohousing: the secret to sustainable urban living?"
claire thompson  |  grist
11 july 2012

"resident-developers bring capitol hill cohousing project to 12th ave"
justin carder (jseattle)  |   chs capitol hill seattle blog
13 june 2012

"creating a ‘living building' is quite a challenge"
marc stiles|  seattle daily journal of commerce
13 june 2012

"buddhists hope to build facility on former landfill site"
reed jackson | djc oregon
april 2012

"bringing community to the micro-level – the opportunities of urban cohousing"
josh mahar|  citytank
05 march 2012

seattle 2030 district
schemata workshop co-founders make an appearance in a short-film marking commitment to goals of high-performance building design.


"june 4 bus tour offers a taste of cohousing lifestyle in portland"
jan behrs|  the oregonian
28 may 2011 (modified 31 may 2011)

"2010 livable communities awards portland, ore"
michael chotiner|
december 2010


"above all, clients"
edward keegan |  ARCHITECT magazine
08 july 2010

"capitol hill plans for its first cohousing community"
seattle university |  the spectator
april 2010

"cohousing and sustainability: natural partners"
june 2010

"co-housing trend hits seattle"
jane hodges|  publicola at seattlemet
18 march 2010

"in lake city, seattle, homeless veterans and others now have a place to call home"
keith ervin  |  seattle times
02 february 2010

"schemata workshop: seattle success story #3"
erica mills|  mills communication group
february 2010

"profiles: schemata"
capital projects office|  university of washington
january 2010 (modified 28 april, 2010)


"grand opening for mcdermott place"
seattle daily journal of commerce
27 november 2009

"a working place near home"
 aia seattleforum magazine
spring 2009|  vol 2.  |  no. 1

"portland's daybreak cohousing isn't open yet, but it's already forming a community"
ev hu|  oregonlive 
28 may 2009

"america's top 10 green cohousing developments"
matt hirschfeld|  mother earth living
january 2009


"schemata wins award from epa"
seattle daily journal of commerce
05 november 2008

"13 innovative green building designs, lifecycle building challenge winners!"
preston |  jetson green
29 october 2008

"epa announces winners of the second annual lifecycle building challenge"
october 2008

"hot houses:  density is portland's future. some smart, young architects get it right."
sarah mirk|  portland mercury
02 october 2008

"fostering a sense of community"
tyler graf|  djc oregon
29 august 2008

"daybreak cohousing breaking ground in portland, oregon in spring 2008"
april 2008

"unico plans housing on dexter avenue site"
lynn porter|  seattle daily journal of commerce
11 april 2008

"grace kim wins award from aia"
seattle daily journal of commerce
20 february 2008

"ten receive young architects award"
aia  |  aiarchitect newsletter
25 january 2008|  vol. 15


"architects ask clients: give pre-fab a chance"
shawna gamache|  seattle daily journal of commerce
03 december 2007

"new LIHI project will give homeless vets place to live"
lynn porter|  seattle daily journal of commerce
26 november 2007


"schemata workshop issues rfp for pro bono services"
public architecture  |  newsletter
december 2006

"face of the aia: grace h. kim"
aia|  aiarchitect newsletter
03 november 2006

"should we be bilingual?"
aia |  archiblog
november 2006

"surviving internships - takes planning and mentors"
james murdock|   architectural record
july 2006

"what do you look for in hiring a new designer?"
aia  |  aiarchitect
july 2006


"new group seeks to increase pro bono work by architects"
liz austin|  seattle daily journal of commerce
05 august 2005

"design detailings: mariano, kim form schemata"
seattle daily journal of commerce
26 january 2005