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our vision

empowering communities through architecture and design

While design is at the forefront of all we do, our focus is not on specific project types, but rather client relationships. Our genuine interest in our clients guides us to be in service to their mission. This concentration on users and building community results in a user-focused design approach that yields a unique design solution.

We design with integrity. We believe in honest, expressive use of materials, and always prefer local sources and production. We approach each project with a design philosophy geared towards creating environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable architecture that enhances the resiliency of communities.

community service

We are committed to our work with public housing authorities, non-profit affordable housing developers, and social service providers. We are proud to be the first Seattle architecture practice to commit to the The 1% Solution. We support our communities'  invaluable organizations through our practice, pro-bono efforts, and financial contributions.



Our team members are skilled in working with LEED, Evergreen Sustainable Development Standards, and the Living Building Challenge program. These green development principles have been implemented to varying degrees on all of our projects; however, they are only the beginning to achieve an all-encompassing sustainable design solution for a project that balances the intertwining aspects of the environment, the economy, and social equity. 


social equity

We believe that all people deserve great architecture, regardless of their race, economic position, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or physical ability. We embrace diversity and seek to enhance the richness of our collective heritage. It is our responsibility to ensure that others who need allies are supported by our efforts.  Our projects foster a higher sense of community, helping users to build social capital through their daily interactions. We strive to achieve a strong sense of place that is deeply rooted in the people who use our buildings.

second read

What do you take away from your first visit to a new place? Sensory information and the social experience of representation and meaning impact the first read. As you linger, a finer scale of detail emerges: shadows cast by trees moving with the sun, the tactile quality of materials, and spaces that seem to invite and draw you in. This is the second read.

This more finely grained experience helps to define a place, to make it memorable, and to draw you back again. Schemata Workshop strives to create high quality experiences by thoughtfully designing to achieve this second read.