Daybreak Cohousing
Building a sustainable, resilient, colorful, and cooperative community

This 30-unit multifamily cohousing project is located in the Overlook neighborhood of North Portland. In this project the outdoor open space that connects the private homes to the 7,000sf Common House provides informal opportunities to foster community. The Common House features many shared community amenities including a commercial kitchen, community dining room, lounge, guest rooms, and workshops. Community meals prepared by residents occur three times weekly in the community dining room. An enclosed children’s playroom off the dining room allows for visual surveillance while reducing noise in the dining area. The central open space not only encourages resident interaction, but it also expands each home beyond its walls by creating a community living room.

All stormwater is managed on site and made visible as an educational demonstration of the hydrologic cycle. Much of the landscaping elements are edible. Passive solar strategies were employed and buildings designed for future photovoltaic panels and net metering.

The project was awarded the Livable Communities Award by the National Association of Homebuilders and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).             

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Project Information

Daybreak Cohousing LLC

Portland, OR

Multi-Family Cohousing


30 units
7,000 sf common house

Full Design Services

Schemata Workshop (Architect)