International Special Review District Design Guidelines
Guided by historic and cultural community input

Schemata Workshop, in partnership with BOLA Architecture and Planning, worked with the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, Office of Planning and Community Development, and community stakeholders to update the design guidelines for Seattle’s International Special Review District (ISRD).

The District was originally established in 1973 to preserve the area’s unique Asian and Asian American character, and to encourage rehabilitation of housing and pedestrian-oriented businesses. Any development within the District’s boundary is subject to review by the ISRD board, consisting mainly of members elected by the community.

The design guidelines document is one tool for the Board to use in order to advocate on behalf of the community. To this day, it has served as a meaningful platform for residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to have a voice in changes to their built environment. With zoning changes and the expansion of the ISRD boundary in 2018, it has been a critical time for the neighborhood to relook at what existing conditions are most important to the community to preserve, while establishing a framework of design standards for culturally appropriate development for the future.

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Project Information

City of Seattle - Office of Planning and Development

Seattle (International District), WA

Design Guidelines

Anticipated Summer 2018

Neighborhood Specific Guidelines

Schemata Workshop (Architect)
BOLA Preservation + Planning (Historic Preservation Consultant)