Waterfront Seattle
Collaborating on a new vision for Seattle’s shoreline

Waterfront Seattle
Seattle, WA

After over a decade of involvement in advocacy for the now emerging transformation of the Seattle’s Central Waterfront, Schemata Workshop joined the design team led by CH2M and James Corner Field Operations. Although new to the team, members of Schemata Workshop have had deep involvement with helping to craft a new vision of the waterfront since the opportunity first presented itself in the aftermath of the February 2001 Nisqually earthquake that raised awareness of the vulnerability of the Alaska Way Viaduct.

Schemata Workshop has designed kiosks,  pool barge, and vertical transportation elements (providing accessibility for all waterfront users) for the Seattle Central Waterfront.  We provided creative and pragmatic solutions to technically complex problems for the City’s most significant public project since the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. 

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