Networking - Womens Business Exchange

WBE Featured Member - Grace Kim

Almost 2 years ago, I attended a networking breakfast.  I didn't think it would be for me, but to humor a professional contact I'd made at a party, I went.  And I was blown away by the speaker.   And I've been back ever since.   Past speakers have been Jensine Larsen of World Pulse, Jennifer Jefferies - author of 7 Steps to Sanity, Jan Levy of Leadership Tomorrow, and Sally Jewell - CEO of REI.

Women's Business Exchange is a great organization that supports women in business.  True to their website:

"Life is not just about work, or running a business. You also have to find a way to balance spending time with your family and making time for yourself.

That’s why WBE is much more than just a business networking organization—though plenty of that goes on here too. It’s about making connections, creating a sense of community, supporting each other, and learning to be the best you can be."

I am proud to be their featured Member of the Month.  Check it out! .  And if you want to come to a breakfast (1st Thursday of each month), I'll see you there!