Biking Bullfrogs: Bike Month in Review

Bike to Work month has come and gone, but it has made a lasting impression on the office. We regularly have more people biking to work now than ever before, and even hold the occasional bike maintenance lunch-time workshops, held by one of our founding principals, Mike Mariano. Biking Bullfrogs 2012

We're already thinking about next year's Bike to Work month, and have several goals in mind:

  1. 100% Commute Rate.
  2. More office participation
  3. Encourage more local offices to join, and join our Capitol Hill league.

And finally, here are some Biking Bullfrog team stats:

  • Trips: 88
  • Miles: 465.4
  • Displaced CO2: 456lbs
  • Total Calories Burned: 22,803 - That's 73.5 McDonald's Cheeseburgers!