Capitol Hill Community Meeting

Schemata Workshop is pleased to announce that we are part of the winning development team for the sites over the future Capitol Hill Light Rail Station. On May 16th we attended a community outreach meeting hosted by the Capitol Hill Champion Steering Committee. Led by Gerding Edlen, the sites' developer, and joined by Berger Partnership and Hewitt, we answered community questions and presented our early conceptual ideas for the site. 

Boards were provided with information on each building site and for the plaza, retail, and overall concept. They included both conceptual images and images of past projects completed by the development team.

Seattle Farmers Markets provided delicious snacks to nibble on from local farms and Rachel's Ginger Beer handed out samples. 

The CH Champion recorded who attended and what they wanted to see on the site. They had on display all of the compiled community wants from the last 5 years and did a fantastic job encouraging more input.

Staff from each firm on the development team were on hand to answer any questions. We had some great information about affordable housing, programming for the plaza, and future amenities including a day care, community room, and co-working space.

The positive community input was a fantastic experience. This project is one that is uniting the neighborhood, and along with the light rail station, they will bring a new vibrancy to the area.  We can't wait to get started!