Joining JUST

A few weeks back, Schemata Workshop obtained its JUST label through the International Living Future Institute. The JUST Program acts as a “nutritional label” for companies that are interested in a transparent workplace that places high value on social equity. It’s a voluntary program that allows an outsider to view the ways in which a company treats its employees, where it invest profits, and how it gives back to the community.

While the program itself has been on our radar for the last few years, it wasn’t until about 6 months ago that we made the final push to add Schemata to JUST's database. Sustainability, social equity, and community service have been the cornerstones of Schemata Workshop since its inception, so, in many ways, taking part in the JUST program is a logical move toward our goal of greater transparency and disclosure.

We view the label as a benchmark: a screenshot of the current state of Schemata Workshop. There’s room to grow. The application and review process have been incredibly helpful in evaluating our policies and laying out a framework for refining areas we see as needing improvement. There are also results of which we’re incredibly proud. Here is proof positive that our dedicated staff is living and carrying out our collective values in, what we hope, are important and meaningful ways.


You can learn more about the JUST program and how to get involved here.


-The Froggers