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Retreat 2016

Since the inception of Schemata, we have convened annually as an office to review the past year, and set goals and strategic direction for the upcoming year. Our success in meeting or exceeding our goals differs from year to year, but we firmly believe the intentional act of evaluation and reflection has contributed to the growth of the practice. While 11 years ago, when we started out, our two principals provided all the content and facilitation, we have long since had all the staff actively participate by preparing and presenting portions of the day's events.

copyright schemata workshop inc.

copyright schemata workshop inc.

This year we convened on Capitol Hill in the 12th Ave Arts building. There was a recap of 2015, an overview of company financials and future projections, a discussion of design philosophy (Latin definition - to befriend wisdom), brainstorming for a research agenda, and lots of hand sketching and collage making. All of this was followed by a few hours of bowling at The Garage (now an annual tradition).

copyright schemata workshop inc.

copyright schemata workshop inc.

We have had a lot of transition over the past year and anticipate a little more growth in the next few months as we welcome 3 new staff and a summer intern. 2015 was a challenging year with several projects that required a lot of staff time without the fee to support the level of effort...but we are optimistic for 2016 - we are well poised with a significant back log of work.


-The Froggers

Client Satisfaction

This is Peggy... Client satisfaction is a hallmark of Schemata Workshop.  When Mike and I started the company over 7 years ago, we were truly committed to providing a high level of service to all of our clients – regardless of the project type or size.  We have no “bread and butter” projects – all of our clients are treated as a priority.  Yeah, I hear you…this might sound trite, cheesy, gratuitous, whatever.  But we really mean it, really.  And we try our best to practice with this intention.

Over the years we have been featured in a national article for our attention to customer service and commended time and time again by clients for our high quality services.  And this is an ethic that we have intentionally passed down to our employees.  So I was particularly proud to read a post today on a client’s blog – she blogged about Peggy Heim (our longest-standing employee) and her ability to quietly, calmly, and confidently walk them through a very challenging home remodel.  Not only was I proud of Peggy and the careful attention she gave the client, but also for the 8 other colleagues she has working with her.  We have a solid team that truly understands the importance of customer service and the dividends it returns in the form of client satisfaction, referrals and rewarding projects.  After all, we are not practicing architecture for our own enjoyment (but that’s a nice fringe benefit).

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