National Park(ing) Day Wrap-up

National Park(ing) day in front of the office of Schemata Workshop was a great success! Toddlers from a nearby daycare brought a great energy early on in the day, leaving playful sidewalk chalk artwork in their wake (not to mention the extra cookies from their snacktime, which powered the staff through the morning work).

The brown-bag lunch saw many passers-by sitting at the picnic tables under the shade of umbrellas. It was great to experience this temporary streetscape culture on the north end of 12th Ave while chatting over lunch.

Later on we were visited by two fellows making a pilgrimage via bicycle of all the Park(ing) Day parks in the area, as provided by Feet First, who also help facilitate the street permit applications and signage and cone rental. More info about that great organization here: http://feetfirst.info/

Again, thanks to our friends at Ragen and Associates for providing landscaping http://www.ragenassociates.com/ , and Eltana Wood Fired Bagels for providing the Happy Hour Bagels! http://eltana.com/