Schemata is Awarded the SAF Community Partner Award

In a bit of a surprise, Schemata Workshop was recognized by @seaarchitecture in February. Sarah graciously accepted the Community Partner award on behalf of the office and shared these kind words with us:

“I'm so proud to have been able to accept this award for the office tonight. Stacy at SAF mentioned how involved and supportive we are with the many SAF programs - youth and & family programs, the design soirees, etc. She also highlighted our commitment to empowering diverse communities through design, our leadership in community engagement, our work with multiple design guidelines, and especially how encouraging the office is of staff to be really civically involved. It was really impressive to hear all of our accomplishments listed out the way Stacy had - we are doing great things together!

Thank you all for showing up the way you do - it's inspiring and nourishing. And thank you to Mike and Grace for creating this infectious culture.”


-The Froggers

SAF Community Partner Award - 2019

SAF Community Partner Award - 2019