Schemata welcomes Kristin Wells

Its a funny thing when your client becomes an employee.

Kristin Wells hired Schemata Workshop 4 years ago to design her future home as a representative of Daybreak Cohousing.  Over that time, she got to know us really well.  And likewise, we got to know her really well.   We have joked that the Owner/Architect/Contractor team was a bit of a dream team, and when we have talked about our collaborative efforts during public prensentations, a love fest inevitably ensued.  We had a fabulous collaboration with B&G Builders - we were doing Integrated Project Delivery before AIA had finished their formal documentation of it.

Although the 30-unit cohousing community was completed in September of last year, we have managed to visit Kristin at Daybreak monthly for various meetings, grand openings, and weekend visits. 

So when Kristin began looking for a new job, it seemed natural for us to formalize the collaborative relationship and have her join our team.  It's our turn to hire her.  Kristin will be our ears and eyes in Portland, building on her contacts in the affordable housing  community and marketing our expertise in multifamily projects as well as community buildings. 

Welcome Kristin!