Capitol Hill's first TOD project - open 6 years in advance of Broadway Station

Today was the grand re-opening of Holiday Apartments, an affordable housing project owned/managed by Capitol Hill Housing (CHH).  This renovated 1960s era building is across the street from the future light rail station being constructed by Sound Transit.  So it is essentially Capitol Hill's first TOD project.  The occasion was marked with hot dogs (or field roast dogs for us veg heads), beer, and ice cream for all - brought to us by hyper-local businesses Dantes Inferno Dogs, Elysian Brewing Co, and Bluebird Ice Cream and Tea House.  Can you say triple yumminess!  These guys know how to throw a party!

Capitol Hill Housing is not only a non-profit housing developer/property manager, but they are a community leader.  They (ok, Betsy Hunter to name names) have taken a leadership role in shaping what transit oriented development should look and feel like on Capitol Hill.  They, along with the Capitol Hill Chamber, created a community stakeholder group that worked closely with Sound Transit during 2009 and they are currently engaged on the steering committee of the Capitol Hill Champion.  We are excited about their leadership in our community and send kudos to CHH for breathing new life into the tired building at 10th & John.  And kudos to SMR Architects to making the most of a limited budget.  The new colors are bold and the retro theme (which ties in nicely with the World's Fair origins of the building) is well done - especially the fabulous clock.  (

FYI - the stakeholder group that Betsy chaired ended up hiring Schemata/Makers AUD to help with planning efforts around the station areas.   This work resulted in 3 documents - a  precedent study, a report on the public charette we conducted, and a recommendations report.  To learn more about that project, see some project images, and  download copy of the Precedent Study or full TOD Recommendations Report, follow this link:

To watch video of  TOD panel discussion at Capitol Hill Housing's Annual meeting (moderated by CR Douglas and recorded by Seattle Channel) - and witness me getting a little rambunctious, click on link below.