Architecture on Capitol Hill, Seattle

Harvard Avenue Building CLICK THESE LINKS FOR: A Location Map Map 1 AND FOR PAGES ABOUT: The Belroy and The Laurelhurst Examples 1 and 2

Today is the first posting  of our architectural analysis of some of the highlights of Capitol Hill's built form. Being Seattle’s densest and largest residential neighborhood, there are many fine examples to choose from, some well known and some less so. The idea is to analyze them, with an eye towards what lessons can be learned as we (developers, architects, activists, and the city amongst others) move forward with new projects. The analysis is brief, and are those themes examined, in order to give an structure and comprehensibility to both lay and learned alike. The recurring themes are clarity in expression and economy of form and materials used, with the types of buildings being examined (with a few exceptions) those most likely to be built by developers of institutions (housing, mixed use, or academic) Periods, styles, and architects are irrelevant; or, to paraphrase Duke Ellington, if it looks good, it is good. The format is 8 1/2 x 11, folded in half. The final goal is to have this a s a booklet sometime this year.

Up this time are both an anonymous building (which is good!), as well as one by a celebrated local architect. Up to about 14 examples now, so stay tuned.