Nagle Place Extension (NPE) Workshop

It has been a bit over a week since about 60 of us met at the Century Ballroom (great space) to learn about, review, suggest, and offer criticism of Sound Transit's latest proposal for the NPE. The evening was a success, mostly because the (formerly) two sides (Sound Transit and the Capitol Hill Community) are realizing more and more that we all want the same goals -- great urban spaces and supportive architecture.  For those of you who did not attend, you can get the run down from the Capitol Hill Blog, which also contains links to ST:

As a way to visualize the future plaza/square/piazza's new size, the above photos of Cal Anderson and the soon to be opened Seven Hills Park are provided. At Cal Anderson, the future NPE is from the bottom of the photo, to the base of the volcano. Seven Hill Park from the curb at the south, to the chain link construction fence to the north, and the park's entire east-west breadth. For a diagram comparing the above parks to the future square, have a look at these:

Comparison Cal Anderson

Comparison Seven Hills