Capitol Hill Building Analysis 9 and 10

Here is the fifth installment of the Building Analysis, and a reminder to those who are new to the blog about the intentions of this effort.

  1. The types of buildings included are primarily mixed-use or multi-family, although other types will be discussed. So far, no single family homes are anticipated to be examined.
  2. The analysis is meant to be basic and concise and is mostly formal in nature; i.e. no evaluation of the building’s use, community function, or other non-visual (from the street) characteristics.
  3. The themes emphasized include simplicity in building form, material palette, and/or consistency in detail and execution.
  4. The building’s chosen are meant to represent a cross section of Capitol Hill, from those that are over 100 years old to those that are recent additions.

The ultimate goal of this exercise is to create a catalogue of buildings we feel have traits that can be carried forward to future development, as well as to bring attention to older buildings that are noteworthy enough to be considered for preservation.